YOU sit at your desk, intently staring into the glowing rectangle full of infinite possibilities in front of you. It is an extension of you, a phantom limb that is yet real. You tap, type, search, scour, devour. Yet suddenly, you are met with pause as you come upon a strange site. Flat white with simple text, formatted something like a movie script, the URL reads "goldham.dev". 

Equal parts confusion and curiosity occupy your brain as you read along. It is this very text that you are reading now. This is not what you expected to find when you searched for more information on that creative producer you heard about. What was his name? Oh yes, DUNHAM SHALAT.


Welcome to my website - that is, Gold Ham Productions. I'm a creative producer with a broad technical and logistical skill set. With our team at Purveyors of Pop, where I currently serve as Director of Development, I have developed and produced unscripted television series like Ex on the Beach, Love & Listings, Ladygang, and more. With that in mind, I am always searching for new media and new creative frontiers to explore. Life's too short to be boring. 

You consider for a moment. Will you call Dunham? Will you email him? Is this the beginning of an amazing working relationship?



Reach me at d@goldham.dev